THSS Trailhead 2017 Main Match Results

Trailhead 2017 is finally over. After four fun-filled days of cowboy action of shooting, with refreshingly pleasant weather, here are your results from the main match:

Top Ten Men Top Ten Ladies
10. GW Ketchum 10. Hanna Call
9. Verdadero Dan 9. Mamie Fossett
8. Tell Sackett 8. Ginger Vitis
7. Dragon Hill Dave 7. Red Ramblin’ Rose
6. Picosa Kid 6. Agarita Annie
5. Totes Magoats 5. Calico Jane
4. Bohannon Bearheels 4. Ellie Mae
3. Logan Sacket 3. Mar-Lynn
2. Horned Toad Tom 2. Bristlecone Jan
1. Copperhead James 1. Angels


Overall Man Top Hand: Copperhead James

Overall Woman Top Hand: Angels 

There were five clean shooters: Horned Toad Tom, Tell, Sackett, Show Me, Smart *, and Drew Irons. 

The match was held March 23-26, 2017.

Here are the top shooters from each category.

Category Top Shooter
“B” Western Tell Sackett
49’er Logan Sackett
Buckaroo Sam UL
Cattle Baron Navarro Ned
Classic Cowboy Dragon Hill Dave
Cody/Dixon Lever Bootstrap Richard
Cody-Dixon Single Rowdy Yates
 Cowboy Badlands Brian
Cowgirl Mamie Fossett
 Duelist Texas Stiles
Elder Statesman Texas Drifter
Frontier Cartridge Silver Sam
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Revenooer
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Fairplay John
Frontiersman Six
Grand Dame Texas Pearl
Gunfighter Brushy Creek Bill
Lady Cody/Dixon Lever Red Ramblin’ Rose
Lady Duelist Ginger Vitis
Lady Gunfighter Mar-Lynn
Lady Silver Senior Bristlecone Jan
Lady Wrangler Angels (Top Overall Lady)
Outlaw Taco Bill
Senior Copperhead Charlie
Senior Duelist Marshal Big Daddy Jenks
Senior Frontier Cartridge Three Fingered Dutchman
Senior Frontier Cartridge Duelist Mad Dog McCoy
Silver Senior Horned Toad Tom
Silver Senior Duelist Cobra Kid
THSS Wild Bunch Indian Jack
Wrangler Copperhead James (Top Overall Man)

Click the Excel icon below to see a spreadsheet file with full results.







Thank you to everyone that attended. Mark your calendars now for the next Trailhead, which will be March 22-25, 2018. See you then!