A letter to THSS from Mad Dog McCoy

One of our regular shooters, Mad Dog McCoy, was recently in a major vehicle accident. Below is a letter he sent to THSS about the response in helping him get back on his feet. Truly the “Cowboy Way” is still alive today.


There are probably way too many things in life that we take for granted……the sun will shine…..there will be a CAS match this weekend……..I have a roof over my head…….food in my refrigerator….my ammo will go off……..a car or truck to drive…..friends around me…. and on and on! It’s the last two things that have become very important to me in a VERY short period of time.

As most of you by now know , I had an accident last month that totaled my truck and trailer. I am now a pedestrian…relying on the generosity and availability of my friends (in particular the Three Fingered Dutchman and Dirty Sally) and neighbors (Tascosa Kid) to get from point A , to point B. I have even resorted to walking , if it’s not more than a mile , or so! The truck will be replaced , in due time , but I’ve come to realize that my friends will always be there.

A few days after my accident, my very good friend Incorrigible , opened a Myevent donation site , (unbeknownst to me) and my Cowboy Action friends and family members have come together and blessed me with $5000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle. When she called me, over the weekend, to tell me about it , I was (for once in my life) stunned beyond words and literally driven to tears! I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all. People I haven’t seen or heard from in 10 years or more have come forward and donated to help. To me , this reaffirms what I have said for many years….”the generosity of Cowboy Action Shooters never ceases to amaze me!”

We take it for granted that our families will step in and help when they can , (and mine certainly did) …but I have found out that MY family is so much larger than I ever realized….because it includes so many Cowboy Action Shooters….people that were “friends” , but aren’t even related to me , but are now family none the less!

We should NOT take this “family” for granted! They are friends because we share a common interest and hobby……they are FAMILY because we all share a “Bond” called “the Cowboy Way” , that runs much deeper than just sharing an interest , or hobby. It’s this Family , the one we have come to spend time with every month , that steps up time and time again to help their fellow CAS friends when needed.

I can’t possibly put into words , a proper way to express my gratitude to ALL of my CAS Family… so I will just say thank you…THANK YOU all for helping me out in MY time of need! I am truly blessed!

Steve , Mad Dog McCoy
SASS# 17292
Deep in the heart of Medina , Texas