Trailhead 2016 Memories

Trailhead 2016 PrematchHowdy everyone,

Our 25th Anniversary has come and gone. What a time we had!  I don’t think there could have been a theme this year better than for our Fallen Members. The members that are no longer with us physically are still with us in spirit. The spirit of this club is alive in all of us. That is why we are still here after 25 years of Trailhead. This is why we are the oldest club in Texas! This same spirit is why we will be here for the next 25 years!  The Brune family, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, all of our members, working together for a common goal is the secret to our success.  The history of the Cowboy and the Cowboy way is strong in each of us. This philosophy is a rare thing in today’s times. I know this Nation would be a better place if these values could only be remembered and applied in all aspects of our lives and that of our leaders.

It was a great honor to have SASS #1 Judge Roy Bean and Justice Lillie Kate with us to celebrate our 25 anniversary. Y’all are always welcome and we hope to see back soon. Thanks to the generous donations of Trailhead shooters, THSS was able to raise $680 for the SASS Scholarship Fund.

I want to thank so many people for all the time and energy donated by so many to keep things running on a daily basis, have gone above and beyond what is usually needed for Trailhead. They also, at the same time of working on Trailhead, made time to work on Bylaws changes, rules of the range changes with our new Range Master, Texas Billy, reorganizing the news letter with our new Writer and Editor Becky Thatcher, and reorganizing our website with our new Webmaster, Houston.

There were many long Board meetings, however we worked together and accomplished it all. The Stage Marshalls, all 24 of them, with our Stage Marshal Manager, Crazy Ed made sure the stages ran smoothly.  The Banquet Hall was a project that was a culmination of, Kalico Kat, Clementine, Hanna Call, with deserts furnished by Hildegard Hamhocker.  Newt Call and Ethan Edwards assisted me and Rowdy Yates with the awards and raffle tables.  I am truly sorry if I left out anyone.  All the hard work is a tribute to the members of THSS.

I’m so glad we were able to get those extra guns and extra special Top Hand awards for our shooters. We had a lot of good feedback on them. I was even told several times that we gave away more guns than Winter Range. I of course don’t have any personal knowledge of that, but it made me feel good anyway.

The survey that was handed out with the Trailhead packets was well received. We had a 50% return rate.  I’ll be reporting back on the results after I present them to the Board at our next meeting.

Well, time to get started planning next year’s Trailhead.

See y’all down the trail,