********We shoot real guns with real bullets ********

SAFETY COMES FIRST If  you are on the firing line, you are REQUIRED to wear “EAR AND EYE PROTECTION”

Protection is suggested throughout Gunsmoke when the firing line is “hot”.

Unsafe action may have the shooter disqualified on the spot.

There is much more fun and adrenalin pumping excitement to this sport than one can tell in this space. The most important part is the Cowboy Spirit of friendship you will find at Gunsmoke!

Come On Out & SEE FOR YA’ SELVES!!!

Guns and Ammo

If  you don’t load your own ammo, there are plenty of  “Cowboy Loads” on the market.
More about where to get guns and ammo under Links



Any two SINGLE ACTION cartridge or cap ‘n’ ball revolvers, designed prior to 1896, of at least. 32 caliber with about 50 rounds of ammo (LEAD ONLY) bullets loaded below 1,000 ftp.  We shoot at stationary targets and some specialty targets.  Smokeless or Black Powder is permitted. You should have a holster for both your pistols.  For new shooters you are allowed to stage one pistol until you can complete your rig.



Any lever action or pump action, tubular fed, exposed hammer rifle or carbine of .25 caliber or larger in a “pistol caliber.”  (NO .30-06, .30-30,  7mm, etc)  OPEN SIGHTS including tang mounted peep sights only.  No scopes even if they are “period.”  Bring about 50 rounds of ammo (LEAD ONLY) bullets, loaded below 1,400 fps.



Any Side-by-Side, typical for the era, without automatic ejectors, with or without external hammers, or any pump shotgun with an exposed hammer (i.e. Winchester Model 97 or Marlin Model 16)  About 25 shotgun shells no larger than 10 gauge, or smaller than 20 gauge, and #4 or smaller LEAD ONLY SHOT.  We suggest “light target” type loads.

(Children under 14, and shooters with special physical needs, have special exceptions to the above rules, please call for details.)


The Wild Bunch

(October at monthly shoot), is considered a Special Event because it happens once a year during the October monthly shoot.  It is lots of fun for those liking these period guns. These guns are different from the usual cowboy guns.  If your interested in participating please check out the Wild Bunch page.
All THSS members are encouraged to be in costume when shooting and attending club functions. It is in the “SPIRIT” of our club to do so. It is also “THE COWBOY WAY.” We have one rule. Shooters must wear boots and hat. We dress period “Old West” (1860 – 1899) or “Movie Westerns,” s (John Wayne, Marshall Matt Dillon, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, US History, Civil War, etc.) as much as possible. (in major matches it is required.) Sorry, but modern “Billy Bob’s” Western doesn’t fit in the theme.


Now For the Ladies

We do not want to forget the lady shooters. They may be Annie Oakley, Miss Kitty, Scarlett O’Hara, etc. We realize that it may take time to get your complete outfit together, so we are patient and helpful. For some shopping leads check out Our Clothes under Links.


There is no limit on how simple or elaborate apparel can be.
The ladies may be the working cowgirls, the prairie woman, farmers wife with feed sack dresses, the Victorian fancy dresses with hats and parasols, to the saloon girls. Some are more colorful and some are more subdued.
The only exception to this rule is during our August shoot when everyone is encouraged to wear Hawaiian outfits which may include grass skirts and shorts. Boots and hats are still required. It make for a really silly fun shoot.


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