THSS Wild Bunch Rules

THSS Wild Bunch Rules

Wild Bunch in actionWild Bunch is a “modern” category  inspired by the movie The Wild Bunch. The category uses a mixture of Old West and early 1900s firearms used by the military.  Firearms must appear to be period correct for the time period in question. cira.1917.

Rifles and Shotguns: Any CAS legal firearm

Pistols: 1 semi-auto & 1 double action revolver  OR

1 semi-auto & 1 CAS legal single action caliber; min. .30 max. .45

Ammo: cast lead only, no gas checks

Holsters: must be made of period correct materials and style (leather, canvas, wood, etc.) cross draws ok, shoulder rigs ok.

Finish of firearms: same as CAS (if it looks period ok)

Dress: Any CAS legal outfit is OK but we would prefer you dress as a character from the film The Wild Bunch i.e. Military khaki (with or without insignia), B Western, Mexican Soldier, Mexican Officer, Mexican Pheasant, Prostitute, Bounty Hunter, Town Folk, etc.


1911 Pistols

Not Allowed: Adjustable sights, painted sights, (may be blacked out) beavertail grip safeties, target style or wrap around grips, skeletonized hammers, target style triggers, extended slide release, or any other external modes designed to gain a completive advantage. NOTE some recently manufactured 1911 “clones” come with lowered and flared ejection ports these will be allowed .

Allowed Semi-Automatic Pistols:

Colt Models; 1900, 1902 Sporting & Military, 1903 (full size model with exposed hammer) 1905 .45, 1911, 1911A1

Also C 96 (Broomhandle) Mauser, Luger, Bergman and Borchardt

The Following double-action Colt Revolvers:

Lightning model 1877, Frontier model 1878, New navy model 1889, New Army & Navy models 1892, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1901, 1903, model 1905, New Service model, model 1917.

The Following Smith & Wesson D.A. Relovers:

Model 1 Hand Ejector, model 38 Hand Ejector, model 38 Military & Police, model 1917. Also Webley Mark III 38 M&P, and Webley Mark VI.

Of course clones of these guns are also Ok.

All Pistols are to be carried hammer down on an empty chamber, with magazine removed (on guns with removable mags). Magazines are to be loaded with the correct number of rounds at the loading table, with the loading table monitor observing.


Loading Procedures

Magazine will be loaded with correct number of rounds. Slide will be racked to show chamber clear, Slide will then be released, hammer safely lowered with muzzle down-range, loaded magazine will then be inserted into gun. All of this in full view of monitor.

C96 Mausers or any other gun with internal box magazine will be loaded in the following manner:

Bolt will be locked in the open position, after monitor verifies gun to be safe, rounds will be loaded one at a time or via a stripper clip. As rounds are pushed in, bolt must be held open so the last round can be held below the bolt as it is slowly closed. Hammer will then be safely lowered while muzzle is pointed down range. Again this must be done in full view of monitor.

No loaded pistol is to be holstered until it is your turn to shoot!

Shooting procedures for semi-auto pistols

Shooter will draw or pick up semi auto pistol rack slide or bolt to chamber 1st round and engage targets or target according to scenario. When gun is empty, it can be immediately grounded with slide locked back. Or magazine can be dropped, slide or bolt released forward, hammer dropped on empty chamber with muzzle down range, and pistol can then be holstered or restaged.

Unloading Table

Semi Auto pistol will be placed on unloading table, magazine will be removed (where applicable) to be verified empty. Slide or bolt will then be racked to show the gun is clear, then hammer will be lowered, once again in full view of the monitor. Pistol may then be re-holstered.


THSS Wild Bunch at Trailhead

Awards for this category will be limited to men’s and women’s only.

Wild Bunch firearms (semi auto and double action pistols) will not be allowed in side matches unless noted.