Big Bore Long Range Rules

Big Bore Long Range Category Rules

This match is pretty much just what it says it is, long range shooting with big bore rifles. There are two classes of rifles used, single shot and lever action.

Single Shots” are of the exposed hammer, single shot rifles (Sharps, Winchester hi-walls, Remington rolling blocks) used back in the “Old West” commonly known as buffalo guns. Calibers generally used are 38-55, 40-65, 45-70 and 45-90.

Lever Action” is shot with lever guns such as the 1886 Winchester, model ’93 Marlin and model ’94 Winchester. Common cartridges are 30-30 Win, 38-55 and 45-70.

This match is shot on a full size silhouette range so the distances are really long.


  • Chickens 200 m (218 yds)
  • “Quigley” bucket 265 m (290 yds)
  • Pigs 300 m (328 yds)
  • Turkeys 385m (421 yds)
  • Rams 500 m (547 yds)
  • Life sized buffalo 777 m (850 yds!)

The chickens must be shot standing and off-hand, all other targets may be shot with the use of cross-sticks from either the sitting or prone position.

This match is based on the black powder silhouette format with a few changes not only to make it more fun, because this match is just that, for the fun of it, but to also make it available to more shooters. It may even speed up the match a little. One thing that is the same is that the bullets must be lead only, no jacketed or half jacketed bullets. As far as powder goes, it doesn’t matter if you use “smokeless” or “black powder” either one is fine for this match. Only open sights are allowed, V notch rear with blade front or “Vernier” rear with globe front.

The shooting order is a little different. Everyone is on the line at the same time with every shooter shooting at the same bank of animals. Shooters fire one shot each starting with shooter #1 and working down the firing line. When the last shooter has fired, it rolls back to shooter #1 and the order is followed again until each shooter has fired five rounds for score at that bank of animals. Each shooter is allowed to fire ONE “sighting in round” at each bank of animals before the five “record” rounds. The lever action shooters shoot right alongside the single shots, same rules apply.

Officially the end of their match is with the turkeys, but they are welcome to shoot, and almost always do, at the rams. After the last ram shot is fired the hits are tallied up and the first, second and third place pins are awarded in each category.

Come on out and give it a try. If you don’t have a rifle that qualifies for the match, come and watch. It is pretty much assured that after the match at least one of the shooters will offer to let you take a few shots with their rifle.

Big Bore Long Range is very challenging and gratifying on an individual level. When you see the ram topple over and then hear the “clang” of the bullet hitting steel, at over 500yds, well what else can be said.