Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), sometimes called Western Action Shooting  is a form of target shooting with a twist. We normally shoot 6 “stages” at our “Old West” town shooting range.  At THSS  this town is called “Gunsmoke“.  Each scenario is a “little story” with props.  For example, you might have to “hop up out of bed, unlock the jail cell, shoot through the window  with your pistol, grab the money bag, go out and get your shotgun and shoot 4 shells from behind the rock,  then get your rifle from the horse’s scabbard and ….”, etc.  The “scenarios” are different each match.  You’re scored for time and accuracy.

For some, this is a competition, for others, it’s just for fun. For all that participate though, it has been said that this form of shooting competition is less stressful and more relaxed than any other kind of shooting competition. This is also a very FAMILY FRIENDLY sport, women and kids can compete as well. The laws requiring  proper supervision of minors apply to and are observed at THSS, just as they are by any shooting club that follows the lawWe’ve got shooters all across the board. Professors, teachers, preachers, carpenters, businessmen, retirees, law officers, computer techs (nerds) come out and have some of the best fun that they can have and maybe, just maybe, make a few new friends.

Each shooter’s basic rig requires two single action revolvers, one pistol caliber lever  action rifle, and one shotgun. (See Shooters Equipment).  Each “scenario” uses a different combination of these guns, in others one or two of the guns may be left out.

Certain months we have a central theme that the shooter may or may not be involved in.  These or optional. Every October we have a Wild Bunch Shoot with period guns and garb.   This is along with the regular Cowboy Action.  In August we have the Hawaiian Shoot which involves some cooler Hawaiian clothing although boots and hat are still required.

The Cody/Dixon Category is now a regular category for the Monthly shoots and Trailhead. There are a lot of Cowboy Action Shooters that have“big bore” rifles, but say that they hardly ever get a chance to shoot them.  Most Annual Shoots usually have a “big bore” side match of some sort.  Some Clubs have enough room on their range that they can set up long-range targets at their monthly shoots, but again that is usually for just a few shots either during or after the main match. Maybe you have been shooting Cowboy Action for a long time and are looking for something a little different to try,  the Cody/Dixon category was developed for just those kinds of shooters.

Cody/Dixon Rules 

Big Bore Long Range 


Besides the main stages, there are also “Side Matches” and “Team Shoots” at Trailhead, these may be before and or after the main shoot.

These modern gunfighters (ladies and gents) recreate every aspect of frontier life, adopting names, guns and attire from the 1860-1899, costuming and aliases are a big part of CAS  (see outfits for shooters). There’s no rhyme or reason to selecting your alias. Historical reference or a favorite movie character, maybe one that was given you as a kid, they are all very proud to be wearing their offical THSS badge.

THSS at Gunsmoke has one match a month (Schedule)
This is held the 3rd Sunday of each month with one exception,  March when our yearly Trailhead takes its place.

Weather varies, so you might want to check the weather to see what to bring. Remember in hot weather to drink a lot of water before and during and after the shoot, stay hydrated.