THSS History

THSS History

A bit of history as “remembered” by some members of THSS………..

Capt. Ira Aten writes: As far as I know & have been able to piece together about the start of The Texas Historical Shootist Society………
In November or December of 1989, Mike and Mary Lou Harvey, Tommy Thompson, Nick Nixon, Ken Strode, Joe Bowman, and some others met at Mike Harvey’s shop in Houston, Texas for the purpose of starting the Texas Historical Shootist Society. The first meetings were held at the LH7 Ranch (owned by Miss Maudine Marks) in Katy.
The original membership was approximately 16 people with membership in April of 1990 standing around 48.
For what its worth…. I guess that makes Joe Bowman a “Charter” member.

Longhair Jim added: 
Old Mose was our Range Master in the early days. I was asked to replace one of the original board members who resigned. I completed that term and was reelected to the board in the following election.

Gunsmoke took many years along with a lot of blood, sweat, a few tears I am sure, to be built. The dedication of the THSS members to donate their time to build stages with permanent buildings and structures is to say the least simply amazing, it has to be seen to be appreciated. The pictures in the gallery do not do them justice. There is a Cowboy Camp, a wagon, and other stages that are simply out in the open, kind of like being on the open range.

During Trailhead, which is held each year in March, 10 – 12 of the stages are used whereas for the monthly shoot they alternate each month with only 6 of the stages that they wish to shoot from. Makes it nice as to not get to comfortable with one stage from month to month.

When Trailhead is taking place, there may be up to 300 participants at Gunsmoke, too many spectators to count and vendors set up showing their wares. There are handtooled leather holsters, belts, chaps, vests and hats. Handmade knives, engraved pistols, rifles, oh my the list goes on and on.

There have been film crews from the Discovery Channel, ESPN, The Eyes of Texas and Cowboys which is a weekly show on the Outdoor Channel.

Folks this is something that needs to be seen in person. So why don’t ya’ll come on out to the Brune Ranch, just north of Columbus, Texas and take in some Old West action. Directions can be found by clicking on Contact us at the top of the home page.