THSS August 2017 Match Results

There were quite a few shooters for a hot mid-August day. Lots of people got into the spirit of the Hawaiian and bathing costume theme. It was certainly colorful out there! Thank you everyone that came out for some Cowboy Action Shooting.

Fairbanks Sam was the top overall shooter this month. The match was held August 20, 2017.

Total Time Scoring

SASS recently announced that they will no longer uses Rank Points for scoring. THSS will switch as well. Total Time determines category winners from now on for both SASS and THSS. This match was the first one where THSS used Total Time for results.

A note about Total Time stage disqualifications (SDQ): if a shooter gets an SDQ, their time for that stage will treated as a miss for each target that stage (5 seconds each) plus an additional 30 second penalty. So on a stage with 10 pistol, 10 rifle, 4 shotgun, that’s 24 targets, so 24×5=120+30=150 time for that stage.

Clean Match Shooters Top 5 Overall Shooters
Fairbanks Sam Fairbanks Sam
Dusty Mines Dusty Mines
Ethan Edwards Texas Ghost
Davy Texas Drifter
Badlands Walt Charlie Ringo
College Station Kid

Here are the top shooters from each category.

Category Top Shooter
49’er Charlie Ringo
Buckarette Texas Cutie
Classic Cowboy Texas Ghost
Cody-Dixon Lever Frenchy LeBouef
Cody-Dixon Single Rowdy
Cowboy Badlands Brian
Cowgirl Diamond Kate
Duelist Revenoor
Elder Statesman Texas Drifter
Frontier Cartridge Badlands Walt
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Spuds
Gunfighter Fairbanks Sam
Lady Sharpshooter Mamie Fossett
Senior Ethan Edwards
Senior Duelist Doc Josiah Boone
Sharpshooter Duke
Silver Senior Dusty Mines
THSS Wild Bunch Quirt Evans

Click the Excel icon below to see a spreadsheet file with full results.