Hawaiian/Swimsuit Theme for August Match

Since the August match is one of the hottest matches in terms of temperature, it is also the THSS Hawaiian Shoot. The normal cowboy dress code is relaxed. You can wear as much, or as little, Hawaiian theme clothing as you want. The only requirements are that you must still wear your hat, boots, and gun leather.

Menswim2This year, we are going to have an Old West Bathing Suit competition, so dress that style if you can. An Internet search for “Victorian Bathing Suit” will help you find just the right striped onesie or bathing costume.  Should make for quite a photo! Doc Boedecker came up with the idea last year, but the skies opened that day, so we weren’t able to do it.

So let’s try that again. Anything else goes, Hawaiian print shirts, tank tops, grass skirts, shorts, swimsuit, you get the idea. Come on out and have some fun, the wilder the outfit, the better. Naturally, this is all volunteer, not a requirement. If you want to shoot in your regular cowboy clothing, that is fine, people can do whatever they want.

The match will be Sunday, August 20.