THSS October 2016 Match Results

The calendar says that it is Fall, but it didn’t feel like it last weekend. It was a bit warm outside at Gunsmoke, Texas for the October match, but a nice occasional breeze made for some fun cowboy action shooting.

Here are the top shooters from each category.  There were two clean shooters: Eagle Eye Jack and Nimrod.

Rowdy Yates was yet again the top overall shooter this month. The match was held October 16, 2016.

Category Top Shooter
49’r Layte Comer
Cody-Dixon Lever Charles Goodnight
Cody-Dixon Single Nimrod
 Cowboy Badlands Brian
Cowgirl Delia Rose
Elder Statesman Rowdy Yates
Lady Senior Red Ramblin Rose
Outlaw Pepper Russell
Senior Seaborn Barnes
Senior Duelist Doc Boedecker
Silver Senior Osage Mike
THSS Wild Bunch Davy
Traditional Mamie Fossett
Wrangler Houston

Click the Excel icon below to see a spreadsheet file with full results.