Trailhead 2016 Side Match Results

We recently posted the main match results for Trailhead 2016. There were also plenty of side matches for shooters to enjoy.

 Long Range

Long Range Lever Rifle: Fairplay John                                   7 of 10 hits

 Long Range Single Shot Rifle: Fairplay John                         4 of 10 hits

 Ladies Long Range Lever Rifle: Bristlecone Jan                     3 of 10 hits

Ladies Long Range Single Shot Rifle: Bristlecone Jan           4 of 10 hits


Fastest 87/97 shotgun: Buckshot Sully       9.66 sec. w/’97

Fastest Hammered Side by Side: Dragon Hill Dave              11.81 sec.

Fastest side by side shotgun: Two Spurs                       9.91 sec.

Ladies Fastest 87/97 shotgun: Mar-Lynn                14.54 sec. w/’97

Ladies fastest side by side shotgun: Sunny Spurs                    14.20 sec.

Rifle & Pistol

Fastest Rifle: Buckshot Sully                          4.16 sec.

Fastest Pistol: Buckshot Sully                         4.41 sec.

Ladies Fastest Rifle: Sunny Spurs                    6.39 sec.

Ladies Fastest Pistol: Sunny Spurs                    7.70 sec.

Fastest Derringer: Texas Ghost                         0.46 sec.

Fastest Pocket Pistol: Tell Sacket                      1.28 sec

Ladies Fastest Derringer: Idaho Sue                 1.45 sec.

Ladies Fastest Pocket Pistol: Angels                  2.06 sec.

Pony Express

Man –  Picosa Kid            17.31 sec.

Lady –  Mar-Lynn            29.76 sec. (x2)

.22 Caliber

Man – Verdadero Dan       10.39 sec.

Lady – Idaho Sue             2.71 sec.

Night Shoot

Man – Texas Ghost                 18.54 sec.

Lady – Mar-Lynn                 21.72 sec. (x2)


Man – Humdinger Ringer      7.31 sec.

Lady – Mar-Lynn                  14.69 sec.

Fastest Shooter of Trailhead (Outhouse, Stage Two, Barn Door)

Man – Buckshot Sully                       14.00 sec.

Lady – Canadian Two Feathers    17.08 sec.


Man – Copperhead James     19 in 4.16 min.

Lady – Ginger Vitis                   17 in 6.55 min.

Master Gunfighter (Mano y Mano)

Canadian Black Magic


Brushy Creek Bill and Mar-Lynn


Willie McGee, Gabby Hayes, Canadian Two Feathers and Nueces Slim