Trailhead 2016 Main Match Results

Trailhead 2016 is finally over. After four fun-filled days of cowboy action of shooting, with typical unpredictable, Texas weather, here are your results from the main match:

Top Ten Places:

10. Rusty Shackleford
9. Canadian Black Magic
8. Texas Jack Daniels
7. Dragon Hill Dave
6. Buckshot Sully
5. Two Spurs
4. Logan Sackett
3 Joe Darter
2. Verdadero Dan
1. Copperhead James

Overall Man Top Hand: Copperhead James

Overall Woman Top Hand: Canadian Two Feathers 

There were eight clean shooters: Logan Sackett, Davy, Cherokee Jones, Badlands Brian, Ethan Edwards, Spuds, Show Me, and Artie Fly.

Here are the top shooters from each category.

Category Top Shooter
“B” Western Tell Sackett
49’er Two Spurs
Buckaroo Coyote Catcher
Young Guns Gabby Hayes
Cattle Baron Louisiana Cuz
Classic Cowboy Dragon Hill Dave
Cody/Dixon Lever James Moore
Cody-Dixon Single Old River Ranger
 Cowboy Buckshot Sully
Cowgirl Clementine
 Duelist Logan Sackett
Elder Statesman Texas Drifter
Frontier Cartridge Stonewall Willie
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Three Fingered Jack
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Fairplay John
Frontiersman Six
Grand Patron Cherokee Jones
Gunfighter Texas Jack Daniels
Lady 49’er Canadian Two Feathers (Top Overall Woman)
Lady Cody/Dixon Lever Idaho Sue
Lady Duelist Mar-Lynn
Lady Senior Duelist Shotglass
Lady Silver Senior Bristlecone Jan
Lady Wrangler Ginger Vitis
Outlaw Rowdy Yates
Senior Verdadero Dan
Senior Duelist Marshal Big Daddy Jenks
Senior Frontier Cartridge Boots Cassidy
Senior Frontier Cartridge Duelist Mad Dog McCoy
Silver Senior Osage Mike
THSS Wild Bunch Indian Jack
Wrangler Copperhead James (Top Overall Man)

Click the Excel icon below to see a spreadsheet file with full results.