Sponsors and Events at Trailhead 2016

Trailhead is more than just another cowboy action shooting match. There are several activities and sponsor that you will find around Gunsmoke, Texas during the four-day event. Come check them out during the event from March 17-20, 2016.

Daytime Activities & Sponsors

Western & Nature Art Show & Sale

  • Features Sam Caldwell “Texas State Artist” and artwork from other artists.
  • Caldwell will be producing and raffling a piece of art created during Trailhead. Raffle proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 13.22.59
Ben’s Chuck Wagon

4104 Polak Rd, Wallis, TX  77485
Phone: (979) 478-7538

Brian Lohman
Bullets by Gil


Buzzie’s BBQ


Chey-Cast Bullets


Chugwater One Shot Circle M Saddlery & Gun Leather Guns of the Old West


Klassic Laser Works
241 Brookline Rd, Mason, NH 03048
Email: TazzKid@gmail.com
Phones: 603-878-3705 (workshop) or 603-714-1164 (cell)
Major Photography



Old Scyene




William Stout Leather

Evening Events

Friday Night

  • Bull Riding Extravaganza — Features WSPBR professional bull riders, food and drinks are available. No entry fee.
  • Live Music – Victor Rodriguez 3-Piece Band, Saturday The Nathan Young Band

Saturday Night

  • Trailhead Awards Banquet — (6:30 pm) Located at the Ellinger Community Center in nearby Ellinger (104 W Colorado Sky Street).
    • The awards banquet will feature a presentation for match category awards, door prizes, and a costume contest
    • All registered shooters must attend the banquet in full and appropriate cowboy attire.  Any shooter not following these costuming rules will be ineligible for any match awards or door prizes.
  • Bull Riding Extravaganza — Features WSPBR professional bull riders, food and drinks are available. No entry fee.
  • Live Music – The Nathan Young Band