THSS November 2015 Match Results

Last Sunday it was cool and crisp outside — perfect weather for a day of cowboy action shooting followed by the annual THSS Turkey Shoot.  The match was on November 15, 2015.  Thanks to everyone that came out.

Here are the top shooters from each category.  Posse 2 must have been too excited and just wanted to get out there and shoot, as nobody in that posse wrote down their category on the score sheet. Oops! So everyone in that posse got put in “No Category Specified” and essentially just competed against each other that day.

Paladin was the top overall shooter this month.

Category Top Shooter
Cody-Dixon Lever Cobra Kid
Cody-Dixon Single Catfish
 Cowboy Badlands Brian
Cowgirl Kalico Kat
 Duelist Doc O’Bay
Elder Statesman Rowdy Yates
Frontier Cartridge 3 Fingered
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Mad Dog McCoy
No Category Specified Paladin
Outlaw Charles Goodnight
Senior Duelist Doc Boedecker
Silver Senior Davy

Click the Excel icon below to see a spreadsheet file with full results.